These are a few of my favourite things!

Five go to Corbridge

I spent last weekend in Corbridge soaking up the sunshine and, more importantly, the fabulous shopping on offer!

Corbridge is a super cute village in Northumberland which is buzzing with boutique shops, great places to eat and drink and a wonderful, friendly atmosphere. It’s perfect for a day trip or overnight stay – I thoroughly recommend it.  Here are just a few highlights…

Our first stop was the pretty fantastic independent bookshop Forum Books. Helen (Mrs Bookshop) really knows her stuff when it comes to books and stationery and handpicked a range of books for my husband and me. Our purchases  included: Pitt Cue Co (my husband has been pickling anything he can get his hands ever since and a weekend of meat feasting lies ahead!), Melt, Smitten Kitchen (a long, overdue purchase) and The Haunted Book. I also got a lovely little Herb Lester map of Rome to add to my collection and some bookplates.

Forum Books also has an amazing range of children’s books, gifts and cards which are well worth checking out too, especially if you have a thing for illustration. You can keep up to date with all the latest news and events @ForumBooks

Thanks for giving us the royal treatment, Helen. Looking forward to our next visit!


Our next stop was Vintage at the Tower, where we found a lovely selection of vintage goods for sale. Everything from small items of furniture to handmade blankets and cards. I picked up a kitsch and colourful tin featuring a little kitten on it and an orange vegetable rack from the 70s (as you do), which I plan to use to store some magazines. Vintage at the Tower was a gem of a place. The owner told us that it has no phone, website or till and is also used as a workshop. Green credentials aplenty!


My last splurge was at RE. A wonderfully curated shop with a range of homeware, furniture, gifts and other oddities that you didn’t know existed but have to buy! I picked up an orange clip light which is sitting pretty attached to the dining room fireplace. I love the coloured flex and they’re a great space saver  if you don’t have room for a table top lamp.


Final verdict for Corbridge – thumbs up!

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